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The objective of the programme is to electrify remote census villages and remotes hamlets of electrified census villages through non-conventional energy sources such as solar energy, small hydro power, biomass, wind energy, hybrid Systems, etc. Implementation of the Programme will help to achieve the goal of 100% villages electrification in the country by 2007. By focusing on remote census villages and remote hamlets of electrified census villages, the Programme aim at bringing the benefits of electricity to people living in the most backward and deprived regions of the country.

The scope of the Remote Village Electrification Programme will cover the following :-

  • All un-electrified remote census villages by 2007

  • All households of un-electrified remote census villages , by 2012

  • All un-electrified remote hamlets of electrified census villages, by 2012.

Activities under the Programme
The Programme will, inter alias, cover the following activities :-

  • Surveys and studies aimed at firming up of State-wise list of remote un-electrified census village or remote  hamlets of electrified census village; assessing the renewable energy resources available in the villages and energy requirements of the community; and , identifiers of appropriate technology options  for electrification. Preparation of State-wise Master Plans Using such techniques as GIS based mapping.
  • Installation of power plants based on solar energy , small hydro power, biomass, wind and other

  • renewable energy sources; combination of renewable energy systems or hybrid systems including a small contribution from diesel or fuels , if required , and , solar home systems lighting and other systems for community purposes and solar pumps.
  • Up-gradation/renovation of power plants as well as intensification of household coverage.
  • Training, institutional development, capacity building, development of maintenance services , etc.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of individual projects , or the Programme as a whole, including technical, operational and socio-economic aspects, user feedback, impact assessment etc.
  • Business Meets, publicity and awareness programmes.  

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