Row Ref. No. Title Publish Date Last Date View
1. 07/JREDA/EE/DP/20-21 Demonstration Project on Retrofitting of Inefficient Electrical Appliances with Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances at 7 no. of Industrial Units in Jharkhand. 12-11-2020 09-12-2020 View
2. 05/JREDA/EE/WS/20-21 Date Extension Corrigendum for NIB No: 05/JREDA/EE/WS/20-21 28-10-2020 03-11-2020 View
3. 05/JREDA/EE/WS/20- 21 CORRIGENDUM for NIB No: 05/JREDA/EE/WS/20- 21 27-10-2020 27-10-2020 View
4. 06/JREDA/EOI/EAS/20-21 CORRIGENDUM for EOI No: 06/JREDA/EOI/EAS/20- 21 16-10-2020 27-10-2020 View
5. 04/JREDA/SHMLS/20-21 CORRIGENDUM for NIB No: 04/JREDA/SHMLS/20-21 09-10-2020 16-10-2020 View
6. 03/JREDA/GCRT/20-21 CORRIGENDUM for NIB No: 03/JREDA/GCRT/20-21 09-10-2020 16-10-2020 View
7. 06/JREDA/EOI/EAS/20-21 Empanelment of Energy Auditing firms/ ESCO’s to provide consultancy service for conducting Investment Grade Energy Audits along with preparation of Detailed Project Reports estimating energy saving potential 30-09-2020 27-10-2020 View
8. 05/JREDA/EE/WS/20-21 Providing Building Energy Simulation training on e-Quest Software for 100 no. of Building Consultants (Architects / Engineers) in Jharkhand. 30-09-2020 27-10-2020 View
9. 02/JREDA/EE/DP/20-21 NIB Cancellation Notice NIB No : 02/JREDA/EE/DP/20-21 29-09-2020 30-10-2020 View
10. 03/JREDA/GCRT/20-21 Design, Manufacture, Testing, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Grid connected Rooftop SPV Power Plants of different capacities including five years Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) on Turnkey basis on Government Buildings anywhere in the state of Jharkhand 18-09-2020 12-10-2020 View