Row Ref. No. Title Publish Date Last Date View
1. 25/JREDA/EE/DP/19-20 NIB Cancellation Notice of NIB No. 25/JREDA/EE/DP/19-20 30-03-2020 10-04-2020 View
2. 25/JREDA/EE/DP/19-20 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Energy Efficient Equipment’s at Two number of Cold Storage Units on Turnkey Basis in Jharkhand. 05-03-2020 28-03-2020 View
3. 24/JREDA/WS/19-20 Date Extension Corrigendum of NIB No. 24/JREDA/WS/19-20 27-02-2020 02-03-2020 View
4. 24/JREDA/WS/19-20 Engagement of Training / Consultancy Firms towards conducting training to solar technicians of Single Village Piped Water Supply Scheme. 15-02-2020 26-02-2020 View
5. JREDA/JHANKI/09/2020 Short Tender Notice regarding preparation & decoration of Jhanki on the occasion of Republic Day (26 January 2020) in Morabadi Maidan & Police line Maidan Dumka 03-01-2020 16-01-2020 View
6. 17/JREDA/SPV/Sidhu-Kanu/19-20 Date Extension Corrigendum of NIB No.17/JREDA/SPV/Sidhu-Kanu/19-20 06-12-2019 18-12-2019 View
7. 23/JREDA/SPV/Dashboard/19-20 Date Extension Corrigendum of NIB No. 23/JREDA/SPV/Dashboard/19-20 28-11-2019 09-12-2019 View
8. 22/JREDA/EAS/DSM/19-20 Date Extension Corrigendum of NIB No. 22/JREDA/EAS/DSM/19-20 28-11-2019 03-12-2019 View
9. 21/JREDA/EE/DP/19-20 Date Extension Corrigendum of NIB No. 21/JREDA/EE/DP/19-20 27-11-2019 09-12-2019 View
10. 20/JREDA/PMU/19-20 Date Extension Corrigendum of NIB No. 20/JREDA/PMU/19-20 26-11-2019 09-12-2019 View