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1. Name of the Advertiser: Director JREDA, Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency, Plot No: 328/B, Road No. 4,Ahok Nagar. Ranchi Phone: 0651-2246970. Fax: 0651-2240665.
2. Last date of sale of B.O.Q.: 22.06.2006 upto 5.00 PM
3. Last date and time of tender receipt: 23.06.2006 upto 10.30 AM
4. Date & time of opening of Tender: 23.06.2006 at 11.00 AM
5. Place of sale of B.O.Q.: Office of the Director JREDA, Ranchi.
6. Place of receipt of Tender: Office of the Director JREDA, Ranchi
7. Tender Reference : JREDA/Hospital/0606/001
8. Description Of Work:
Sl. No. Name of Work Earnest Money Cost of B.O.Q. Time of Completion
1. Supply, installation & commissioning Of SPV Power Plant of 1.5 Kwp Array capacity Solar - Main Hybrid Power backup system at Sadar 2% of the quoted value 1000/- 3 week from the date of order

1. Contractors having experience of similar nature of work, who have successfully completed SPV based power back up system of 2Kw capacity under this agency in any one of last two financial years will be eligible to quote for this tender. Tenderer should furnish documentary evidence to this effect upto Date Income Tax Clearance & Sales Tax Clearance Certificate in Envelope “A”
2. Earnest money in the shape of NSC 8th issue or 3/5 years post office time deposit or a Demand Draft issued from any Nationalized/ scheduled Banks in favour of “Director JREDA, Ranchi” must be deposited in envelope “A”
3. Tender document (Price Bid) shall be submitted in Envelope “B” with rate quoted on issued B.O.Q.
4. First envelope “A” shall be opened and eligibility of contractor shall be ascertained. Envelope “B” of only eligible tenderer shall be opened.
5. Cost of BOQ is Non-refundable.
6. Estimated cost may increase or decrease
7. a) Incase of any dispute, decision of Director JREDA, Ranchi shall be final.
b) The work has to be executed by the contractor within the time specified above and no time extension will be granted.
c) The tenderer or their authorized representatives will have to produce their personnel identification at the time of purchasing the tender document.
d) The tenderer must visit the site of work and acquaint themselves with the local conditions before submitting their tender.
e) The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
f) Conditional tender will be out rightly rejected.

JREDA, Ranchi.


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