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Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency

State Govt Agency under Department of Energy

Bio Fuel

Yes, Interest subsidy of 3% is available from Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India, for following type of projects: -

  • Ethanol production projects utilizing raw-material root other than sugar cane /molasses
  • All bio-diesel production projects

Yes, JREDA has already financed some ethanol projects.

  • Ethanol:
    There are three categories of raw-materials used for the production of ethanol:
    1) Sugar based - sugar cane, sugar beet, sweet sorghum etc.
    2) Starch based - all types of grains including wheat, rice, corn, barley, malt etc. and tubers such as potatoes and cassava etc.
    3) Cellulose based - agro-waste, agro-residues, bagasse, rice-husk, straw etc.
  • Bio-diesel:
    1) Edible and non-edible oil and animal fats.
    2) Potential sources of bio-diesel in India can be non-edible oils obtained from plants species such as Jatropha Curcas (Rattan jot), Pongamia Pinnata (karanj ) etc.
  • Ethanol (primarily for blending with petrol)
  • Bio-diesel (for blending with diesel)
  • Renewable in nature
  • Environment friendly
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels
  • Increased agricultural economy and rural employment

Bio-fuels are renewable liquid fuels derived from biological materials by a number of chemical / biological processes.

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