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Ques. Whether any power project using Municipal Solid Wastes funded by JREDA is in operation in India?
Ans. A 6 MW Municipal Solid Waste Power Project funded by JREDA, being implemented in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh is ready for commissioning and will export power to grid in November 2003.


Ques. What are the successful technologies available in India for generation of power from MSW wastes?
Ans. Pelletisation & Combustion and Anaerobic Digestion


Ques. What are the wastes eligible under the Industrial sector?
Ans. Any Bio-waste from Industrial sector (excluding Rice husk, bagasse, straw, stalks) are eligible under the sector


Ques. Whether mixing of coal with industrial wastes is allowed for power generation?
Ans. No, However, mixing of other biomass wastes up to 25% with industrial wastes is allowed for power generation


Ques. Whether any Municipal Solid Waste power project using pyrolysis technology is existing in India?
Answer- No

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