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Que. What is a Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Water Pumping System?
A SPV water pumping system consists of a photovoltaic array mounted on a stand, and one of the following motor-pump sets compatible with the photovoltaic array:

  • surface mounted centrifugal pump set,

  • submersible pump set,

  • floating pump set,

  • Submersible pump set,

  • Any other type of motor-pump set, after approval from MNES.


Ques. How does it work?
The photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system draws water from the open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal etc.


Ques. What does it save you?
Answer: It operates on the freely available solar energy. Thus saves expenditure on diesel & electricity.
No fear of power cuts or scarcity of diesel.
It is trouble free, pollution free, has a long life and is reliable.
Unlike a diesel pump set, it does not produce noise
It is easy to handle and operate.
The cost of operation and maintenance is negligible.


Ques. What is the technology used in spv water pumping systems:
Ans. Solar cell is a primary device for solar photovoltaic systems since it converts solar radiation into electricity. Solar PV cells are made of fine sheets of silicon wafers, cut to the required shape. The technology is mainly based on monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline. Number of such spv cells are coupled in series and (or) parallel connection to design a spv module of required power. These modules can be further coupled to form spv array, to get desired power output to run the electrical appliances such as pumps.
the system components of spv water pumping system are:

  • PV array

  • Motor pump set

  • Interface electronics

  • Connecting cables & switches

  • Support structure & tracking system

  • Pipes, etc.


Ques. Who are eligible to own a solar photovoltaic water pumping system under this national project?
Ans. An individual farmer, non-governmental organization, cooperative society, corporate body, institution and Govt. Dept. etc.


Ques. What are the uses of spv water pumping system under MNES SPV water pumping programme?
Ans. Agriculture and related uses such as horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, high value crops, orchards, silviculture, fish culture, salt farming, drinking water etc. Battery charging is disallowed under this programme.


Ques. What is the capacity of spv water pumping system?
Ans. A spv water pumping system is available with a photovoltaic array of capacity in the range of 200 watts to 3000 watts. (capacity of motor pump set is from 0.5 hp to 2 hp)


Ques. How much water can the pump can deliver?
Ans A spv water pumping system is expected to deliver a minimum of 65,000 liters per day for a 900 watts panel and 135,000 liters per day for a 1800 watts panel from a suction head of 7 meters and/or a total head of 10 meters on a clear sunny day. In case of deep well submersible pumps, the water output shall be a minimum of 45000 liters from 1200 wp. The discharge from the pump would vary with the intensity of the sunrays from morning till evening. It would be maximum around noon time. The water output from the pumping would considerably drop with the increase in the suction/ total head. Please confirm the water output from the supplier of the spv pumping system, which you want to install in your field.


Ques. How much area can a system command for a particular crop?
Ans. The spv water pumping system may command an area of irrigation 0.5-6 hectares at a total head of 10 meters depending on water table, type of soil and water management. Considering the average peak watt of spv water pumping system to be 900 watts, the following table indicates critical irrigation command area for different crops with the type of method used:

S. No. Crops Critical Command Area in ha. Irrigation Method
1. Year round vegetables cultivation 1.00
2. Chillies/sorghum/ groundnut 1.41 Surface
3. Paddy nursery 0.70 Surface
4. Garlic 2.08 Micro sprinkler
5. Cucumber 1.82 Drip
6. Groundnut 1.97 Micro sprinkler
7. Grapes 2.14 Drip
8. Lime 4.89 Drip
9. Banana 2.36 Drip
10. Pomegranate 7.32 Drip


Ques. What is the cost of complete system?
Ans. The subsidized cost of installation and commissioning of a spv water pumping system to you will vary between Rs.1,90,000 to Rs.2,70,000 depending upon the supplier and model. Subsidy is available @ Rs.110 per wp subject to a maximum of Rs.2,50,000 per pump set.


Ques. Is there any loan available?
Ans. Yes, soft loans are available at an interest rate of 5% per annum through Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency limited (JREDA). The maximum amount of soft loan will be up to 90% of the unsubsidized part of the spv water pumping system. In case, the MNES financial assistance (subsidy) is not availed, the loan amount can be up to 90% of the sale price of the system. The principal with the interest is repayable in 10 years (including one year moratorium) starting at the end of first year of sanction of the loan.


Ques.  What is the performance guarantee for the pumping system?
Ans. PV arrays are supplied with a performance guarantee for a period of ten years. Motor pumps sets and accessories are supplied with a guarantee period of two year. Further, minimum spare parts of the pump and other systems are also supplied with the spv water pumping system for trouble free operation for a period of 3 years.


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