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Bio-fuel Pilot Demonstration Project

Date of Completion/Commissioning:- 1 November 2006 more>>>

Solar Photovoltaic Programme

The solar radiation falling over India is about 5,000 trillion kWh / year. There are about 300 clear sunny days in a year in most parts of the country. The average isolation incident over India is about 5.5 kWh / sq. meter over a horizontal surface. more>>>

Integrated Rural Energy Programme (IREP)

The (IREP) aims at developing capabilities at the micro-level for planning and implementation of area based energy plans and projects with the objective of meeting energy needs of rural population for productive and subsistence needs. more>>>

Wind Power Programme

There is an estimated Gross Potential of 45,000 MW & Technical Potential of 13,000 MW in India more>>>

Bio-Gas and Bio-Gasifiers

Biogas is a clean, non-polluting and low - cost fuel. It contains about 55 to 75 per cent methane, which is inflammable. Biogas can be produced from cattle dung, human waste and other organic matter by a process called "anaerobic digestion" in a biogas plant. more>>>

Nation Programme On Improved Chulhas (NPIC)

Traditional chulhas are inefficient and environmentally undesirable. In contrast, improved chulhas are scientifically designed for better regulation of heat flow and fuel utilization. more>>>

Solar Thermal Technologies

The principal objective of the Solar Thermal Energy Programme is market development and commercialization of solar thermal systems such as solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar air heaters/dryers etc. more>>>

RVE Remote Village Electrification

The objective of the programme is to electrify remote census villages and remotes hamlets of electrified census villages through non-conventional energy sources such as solar energy, small hydro power, biomass, wind energy, hybrid Systems, etc. more>>>

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